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Yes, it has been a while since i’ve been able to put out a newsletter to catch you all up on what’s been going on in my life. i apologize for that! just so much adventuring, it’s hard to find the time! and, to be honest, we’ve been doing a LOT of camping and exploring of really wild, off the grid places that really just have no reception, and definitely no wifi. you’d be surprised how hard it is just to find a starbucks sometimes. But, good news on many fronts! we are now heading towards more civilization and more work and models, so shoots are happening! in this letter, i’ll tell you about some of our endeavors in the wild west and what and who is up next! (as well as share some exclusive pics!)

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Sinn Sage News:

June 2017

when last i left you, we were still traveling through the south. we went to florida, alabama, and texas before we headed up to colorado. a big highlight of that was Austin, where we got to go to the last day of the big festival they have there, South by Southwest. to be honest, it was mainly a lot of drinking at a lot of different bars for me, but we saw some music too! the later part of the day is kinda blurry, but i was able to stay conscious enough to see my wonderful friend Ela Darling and give her some love and kisses! we were visiting another best friend in Austin as well, and made new friends, and played a ton of disc golf! we also did some epic river floats and really just thoroughly enjoyed the city of Austin and the surrounding areas. man, i could never live in Texas but i LOVE Austin!

Sinn Sage Selfie
Sinn Sage Selfie

we left Austin, where it was really hot, about 80+ degrees, and headed up towards Denver, expecting the weather may be similar. uh, yeah, way off on that! it SNOWED the night we got there! we stayed for about 2 weeks, and encountered all types of weather while we were there. but the BEST thing that happened while we were there is that i got to shoot with TWO of my favorite ladies! i had a custom video with the gorgeous Sablique VonLux, and it just happened to work out that she was going to be in Denver at the same time, so we were able to shoot a very hot ass worship/strap on scene together. (coming soon to my clip stores!) we were also able to shoot with one of the most awesome and down to earth chicks in the biz, Cadence Lux. i’ve been impressed with Cadence since i first met her to do a 3 way at fetish con a couple years ago. this time, we were able to shoot a few customs, a few super sexy content clips, AND hang out with her and her boyfriend! they are both such cool people, so now we have to go back and visit them regularly! 
the content we got is so fantastic, keep your eyes on my stores for when they are released!

Sinn Sage with Cadence Lux

after Denver, we continued off into the wilderness for several weeks. we drove through Colorado taking the scenic route south and west, and went to this very charming town called Ridgway, and over to an enchanted place called Orvis hot springs. it was STUNNING! they were clothing optional (the BEST way to experience hot springs), and had natural-looking pools with the most amazing views in all directions.

Sinn Sage in Colorado

it was such a special place, where we relaxed and zoned out and also met some wonderful people who became fast friends. we hadn’t planned on visiting western colorado, but changed our plans just to come back and spend more time with them! so glad we did!
we spent the next week and a half traveling all around Utah. i have to say, i knew i wanted to visit all the national parks but i truly didn’t think i would be as impressed as i was with the landscape in Utah. i think this is because i was raised in a desert, and i really feel like i’ve seen enough dirt in my life! BUT we were both blown away!

Sinn Sage in Utah
Sinn Sage in Bryce

arches national park, outside of Moab (also a cute town with good disc golf!), has some of the craziest landscapes we’ve seen. vibrant orange rocks and massive arches carved by thousands of years of wind, these natural vistas are a definite must-see. we also went to canyonlands and bryce canyon national parks, as well as dead horse point state park. super stunning places, and if you like hiking or camping, you simply must check it out!

Sinn Sage at Arches
Sinn Sage at Arches
Drake Mandrake at Arches

next we traveled up into Idaho, which is EVEN MORE beautiful! you may not ever think it, but the views in Idaho are just unimaginable. and the SUNSETS! the sky lights up on fire! we camped on BLM land outside of a place called City of Rocks. while inside of City of Rocks we got to watch rock climbers climb extremely high on sheer rock faces. it was scary!

Idaho Van Camping
Idaho Van Camping

we traveled up into the sawtooths, went to another hot spring, and came down into Boise. the weather here changes every 10 minutes!

that brings us to now! we are getting ready to head into Oregon. we’ve both really been looking forward to the Pacific Northwest. we’re very excited to see how green it is! i also have some work scheduled down in southern oregon and up in portland, as well as some in seattle. and more friends to visit!

before i tell you about that, i want to tell you about a couple of clips that i’ve recently added to my stores that i think you will LOVE:
if you like my girl/girl videos, this scene with Rizzo Ford is something very special. we have serious chemistry, and she is just SO HOT to me! i love her style and tats, and let me tell you something, her mouth feels *amazing*. check it out here: Sinn Sage & Rizzo Ford

Sinn Sage with Rizzo Ford

if you like to see me and my man truly enjoying each other, you’ve got to see this video. we were able to shoot in a friend’s hot tub to start out, and just seeing us making out in the water (and other nasty stuff) will definitely get a rise out of you! we take it into the living room and it gets wetter from there! 
give it a go & watch the free preview here: Fuckuzzi Fucking

Sinn Sage with Drake Man-o-war


last but not least, CUSTOMS!
i’m so excited to be back in an area where there are some models i can and will be working with! so do not hesitate to order a video of any kind with these seductive and sensuous ladies! both are available for solos, girl/girl, or fetish fantasies!AMBER CHASE

Amber Chase

shooting before June 28th

twitter: @amberchase

this hottie and i have had several super sexy encounters in the past, but it has been YEARS since we’ve seen each other! i am honestly not sure what the last thing we did together was, but every time we’ve worked together, our chemistry is off the charts. this babe has it all: eye contact, enthusiasm, genuine love for the ladies, and pure sexiness! one of my favorite tribbing scenes of all time was with her, if you can recall this one:

Amber Chase

it was so passionate and real! her boobs have grown a whole lot since then, which just adds to her curvy awesomeness! get a custom and see us scorch the screen again!

*custom order must be received before June 28*

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Alyssa Reece

shooting before July 20th 
twitter @AlyssaReeceXo

alyssa is another gorgeous girl who i’ve worked with as long as i can remember. i’m trying to think of when we first worked together but i can’t! i just know that we’ve wrestled a ton, done a whole bunch of various fetishes together, and made some truly titillating sex scenes for your viewing enjoyment. alyssa radiates sexiness, and i always look forward to any chance i have to play with her! you may remember us from this amazing 3 way strap on scene:

Sinn Sage and Alyssa Reece

that was one of the best strap on romps i’ve had! it’s been a while since alyssa and i have been able to go at it together, and we’re both hoping you take us up on this opportunity!
*custom order must be received before July 20*

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well that’s all i’ve got for you now. thanks so much for following my adventures, both on screen and off! if you want to see more PLEASE follow my Instagram accounts!
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