Aloha everyone!

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It’s been a fantastic summer for me, as I hope it’s been for all of you!

As you may know, Drake and I traveled to Alaska in our van, and it was truly an epic experience. It was definitely the most i’ve ever driven all at once, so it it quite the journey. We left from southern california and drove up the 15 freeway all the way through montana, stopping for a day in jackson hole and a day in yellowstone (that was so beautiful, we are making plans to go back and spend more time!), before heading in to canada through the carway border crossing. We spent a day in Calgary, which was such a nice city, and did some great disc golfing. We then left to begin heading north east, but we stopped at a rest stop and met this epic crew of awesome dudes in a hardcore band that were playing a show in edmonton! So of course we were like, “shit, we should go see them play!” we ended up having an awesome time at the show, and joining them afterwards for partying all night. If you are at all into hardcore music, please check out the band Withdrawal! (they are on spotify.)

After that we really started DRIVING. I recommend it for sure, we saw SOOO many amazing sights! But, gas was definitely very pricey, so save up if you’re planning to drive to AK! We encountered so many things: a herd of buffalo just munching on the side of the road, little black bears eating berries, epic meandering rivers of all different shades of blue, and the sun that just never set! We spent 3 weeks exploring most of the accessible areas of alaska (MOST of the state is inaccessible by car, and most of the national parks there you can only get to with a boat, an airplane, or by walking, which would be like a multiple day hike), including gorgeous little town called Seward, with breathtaking views and glaciers; meeting a random vanlifer and becoming instant friends, talking for the entire day; a rad hippie town called Talkeetna; Denali National park where we saw all these wild animals: beavers, muskrat, moose, tons of bears, tons of birds, and a mothafuckin’ LYNX! Then we went up to Fairbanks and did some more camping on our way back out of the state. It was such a life-altering experience, and it was worth every mile of the drive. It requires some serious planning for sure, and some savings, but in my opinion that is an absolute bucket list experience. Everyone should see it before they die! We hope to go back in a few years to travel the southern tip part of the state, that we didn’t get to see this time. If you are following me on instagram you’ve seen some of the pics i’ve posted! (if you aren’t, why the heck not?! if you want to view them without joining). Here are some more:

Sinn Sage adventures with Drake Man-o-War

so it’s been a fantastic summer, but now it’s time to get back to work making you your sexy, fun, kinky, hot custom videos! I’ve been itching to start filming again, and I think you’ll love who i’ve got to work with! I will be shooting for about 2 weeks in Southern California, and then I have a few days in Austin in October with some guest models. So please contact me for a custom video with any of them! (I can perform in the video with them, OR I can create a video for you with only them!) you have many options!




you know her, you love her!

Request custom videos with Georgia Jones

one of my all time faves, so versatile!

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bodacious milf with kickin’ curves!

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and the long awaited, very rare. . .

SHYLA JENNINGS | Late October, Date TBA! 
though I have only worked with shyla a small handful of times, the scenes we’ve shot together have been authentic, passionate, and so real! She is one of those epic performers who lets herself get completely enveloped into the scene, and the vibe I feel in a scene with her is just so real and genuine. I am so excited to announce that i’ll have a full day available to shoot anything you want to see with Shyla towards the end of october, so PLEASE don’t miss out on this super rare opportunity to get your own custom video with fellow all-girl performer of the year Shyla!

Request custom videos with Shyla Jennings


And for the very first time…

COCO | 11/03/18 
only ever seen before in a handful of videos for and, and a for a time for some death fetish sites, Coco is a PHENOMENAL actress and performer. Her fight scenes are A+, and she fully understands the nuances of playing certain roles and does it all while being incredibly sexy (without even knowing it) ;). do NOT miss this extremely rare chance (she lives very far away) to get your very own custom fantasy video with the amazing Coco!

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and of course, as always, myself and Drake ManO’War! available any time!

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PLEASE DON’T HESITATE! go to and click on the Custom Video banner to fill out the form, or email me directly at to send me your inquiries about a custom video I produce just for you! I’m so excited to get back to work with all these lovely ladies and make you some smoking hot fantasies! 
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Thanks so much for all your support! 
My sincere best wishes to you,