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Sinn Sage in a Tank Top

It’s been a while since i’ve been able to come out with another newsletter for you, as I have been doing a little bit of family traveling, as well as just hustling my ass creating all your wonderful fantasies! I’m really excited about everything i’ve been doing, and so appreciative for the opportunity to make your custom videos. I truly can’t say how blessed I feel being able to do this work, and how rewarding it is to spend time making something awesome, deliver it, and then see how happy it makes you! I love this shit!

But we all need breaks sometimes, and I took two weeks to take a family vacation to hawaii at the end of feb/beginning of april. You know I love to travel, and I had to visit some loved ones on Oahu and then journey back to the Big Island because I fell in so much love with it when we took our honeymoon back in 2015. (of course work never ends, I still had to post vids and answer emails! Haha). Even though it was gray, kinda rainy, and a bit windy every day of the trip, we still had a much-needed joyful and relaxing time. Here are some photos from my Hawaii travels:

Hawaii Vacation

pic 1: Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, i’m pretending to be a raptor. (this is where parts of jurassic park were filmed) 
pic 2: a magic wonderland parking lot filled with friendly kitties! 
Pic 3: a gogeous,verdant,LONG hike in oahu 
pic 4: waikiki beach, diamond head in the background 
pic 5: another hike to a pretty cool waterfall in oahu 
pic 6: some very interesting looking trees on the hike 
pic 7: this friendly horse came to say hello to me in waipio valley, Big Island 

Hawaii Vacation 2
Green Sand Beach

pic 8: drake taking a swig on the black sand beach, waipio valley 
pic 9: another view of waipio 
pic 10: magically misty in waipio 
pic11: we drove up to the top of Mauna Kea and took a short but STEEP hike to the very tippy top 
pic 12: it was sunset up there, and magical. This couple’s silhouette was beautiful. 
Pic 13: we finally saw a sea turtle! 
Pic 14: another black sand beach & snuggies 
Pic 15: the otherworldly green sand beach 

That trip was a very nice breath of fresh air, but pretty much as soon as we returned, we had to get right back to work! Custom orders continue to pour in, and we are becoming a legit production company at this point. It feels really wonderful to have all this hard work pay off! So without further delay, here are the upcoming guest stars for Sinn Sage Productions!


Back by popular demand!

Request custom videos with Georgia Jones

wow! You all have as much of a crush on GJ as I do! And I couldn’t be happier about that. 😉 after my first customs shoot day with Georgia, requests really started to flood in for more! We’ve already had two, and now we need yet another! Georgia will definitely be a regular with us for the future, but get your orders in quickly! My days with her get filled up very fast! This lady is in high demand!



Request custom videos with Jewell Marceau

this busty, gorgeous fetish babe has been a great friend of mine for many years now, and we love getting together to film some sexy, fun, and kinky hijinks for your pleasure! It’s been a while since we’ve fondled each other, so don’t miss this opportunity!



Request custom videos with Misty Stone

i’m THRILLED to have Misty come and shoot for us! I’ve known her for many years, but we don’t get many chances to work together, despite the fact that we love to do so! This one is quite the sexy firecracker, so don’t think about it for too long! Order a custom with Misty before it’s too late!



Request custom videos with Cherie Deville

Cherie bills herself as the MILF next door, but to me she is so much more than that! Smart as a whip, friendly, and sexy as FUCK, the last time I saw Cherie was when I fucked her for Penthouse many years ago! This will be our reunion, and i’m hoping you order some very fun & nasty videos with her. This day is already filling up quick, so hurry!


I’m traveling again mid-may, but this is a work and play trip. We will be venturing to an awesome van meet, just to get a taste of that road life we’ve been missing so much! While we are out though, we will be visiting our Atlanta family, and doing some work with them as well! You may recognize some of these gorgeous faces:



Request custom videos with Jacquelyn Velvets

you know this is my GURL! Always love working with jackie, whether we are wrestling, play fighting, or she’s knocking me out with her special brand of sleepy sauce! Jackie is a super dynamic performer and a total “knock out” babe (get it?), so don’t waste your chance to get a custom with her!



Request custom videos with Reya Fet
Request custom videos with Reya Fet

this saucy little fetish princess has brains and beauty, she’s a SUPER great actress, and a sexual freak! I’ve really been wanting a chance to get my hands on this one. . .could it be for you?



Request custom videos with Sydney Cyntana

this sexy minx is BRAND NEW to me! She reached out in a model’s group, and since I happen to be coming to where she lives, we decided we really need to have some sensual fun together! She’s available for all the things but especially loves getting hot with other fine girlies! I really can’t wait to meet her and have some real hot fun together! Order something steamy so you can see it for yourself!



Custom Videos are ALWAYS available with my Southern California crew!

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THANK YOU so much for your ongoing love and support! I have been through some rough stuff these past several months, but having your support and getting to do the work that I love has really helped hold me up, and it means more than I can say. I truly enjoy having chats with y’all on twitter, so please say hi whenever you can! 
I’d be nothing without you, you are always special, appreciated, and loved! 

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