Jim Steele and Sinn Sage got on the phone to discuss her legendary porn-making style and ended up getting intimate about philosophy and family as well in this exclusive interview for XCritic.

“everything that I do is “M.E.” style, it’s Do-it-yourself. It’s just my husband and myself. We shoot everything, and I perform in everything so far. We put this film out through Trouble Films. We don’t have the backing, and the money, and the power of a major studio, so to hear you say that, and see that we’re getting some press, and some promo, it feels amazing. It’s awesome to have my own studio and to come out with projects that I am in control over. This is how I want to represent myself in this industry, and we’re making the porn I want to see. So, in that sense, wow! It feels like an accomplishment.”

This was the part where our conversation got real. I love that moment in an interview where the two people talking start to get comfortable with one another. This was that moment. I was hearing from Sinn Sage about the mechanics of what went into this killer scene with Aphrodite Adams. I never get tired of hearing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, I’m not sure anybody does. After all, everyone knows that porn stars meet up in the most unlikely places, as an example, someplace like Talent Testing, or possibly the supermarket. Even better, was the account given for what took place after the scene, just sitting around, talking, and getting to know one another a little bit better, what could possibly happen except … you guessed it … another sizzling hot session for film.

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