Hello friends and fans! I know it’s been a while since i’ve been able to send you all a newsletter, and boy has a lot been going on! We’ve finalized our move and are now permanently stationed in Las Vegas. Well, for at least a couple of years. Van living has been incredible and so freeing, and we don’t plan on giving that up for good by any means. But we do have some goals, and living on the road, though so very rewarding, was holding back our business in some other ways. We want to stabilize for a little while so we can work harder to grow and bring y’all some more amazing content! There are lots of things in the works. Another goal we have is to make some improvements to our van so that it’s more comfortable to live in, and that’s going to require some savings. So we plan on busting our butts for the next year!

One of the BIGGEST new things we have going on over here at Sinn Sage Studios is that we have teamed up with Trouble Films to bring you some amazing queer content! My first release through Trouble Films is Strap On Sinners, a compilation of 4 of my hottest lesbian scenes featuring yours truly giving some dick to a host of beautiful performers. If you follow my clip stores you may have seen some of these already, but here they are collected into a convenient 4 scene film that you can put on and edge yourself all the way through! Your support, as you know, means the world to me, and if you’d venture over to troublefilms.com and purchase your own copy, it would mean the world to me!

Sinn Sage and her husband Drake have an adorable date over for a couple’s retreat Valentine’s Day date. Tired of porn, they really wanted something they could feel. So they got me, Courtney Trouble. 

I don’t do many men, but I love Sinn so much that when I met Drake, the crush started to rub off on me. Quite literally. I would get turned on when he was on set, and got a kick out of figuring out was his kinks were when we were off the clock, enjoying post-work meals as a creative team. This relationship has always involved Chelsea Poe as well so when we finally made a date to have a threesome on camera for our own purposes, I knew Chelsea had to be there to document it. With Rae Threat also by our side, the porn set of my dreams finally came to life before my eyes:

A gorgeous woman. A gorgeous man. Matching cocks, one flesh one strapped. Me draped in Fenty’s finest and wearing a tiny “Dyke” necklace to rep my femme. I found myself lusting after my co stars yet again, and thought… this time I’m giving them everything. 

xoxo Courtney Trouble


Love & Lust captures a real moment where genderqueer performer Courtney plans an overnight date with Sinn Sage and her husband. Shot by Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe, this film is a TROUBLEfilms collaborative effort that breaks all molds. It’s an Oral Sex film, with double head for everyone. It’s a bisexual film, exploring Sinn Sage’s fluid sexuality on camera in a rare performance with her husband and a queer porn star. It’s a Couple’s Film, shattering expectations of what a Valentine’s Night could look like for two perverts in love. It’s a queer porn film, with Sinn and Courtney fucking each other in all their sexual fluidity, endlessly appreciating each other and generally being gay af. It’s a Gay Porn film, with two cocks pressed into a twink’s hole because quite simply, one cock just wasn’t enough for them. It’s a Squirting film, with big loads of ejaculate and gushing puddles of real squirt hitting bodies, beds, and cameras throughout the piece. 

 Welcome to the world of your favorite master of the strap on, sinn sage! in these four scenes, sinn shows you why she has earned the title of the queen of strap on, passionately pumping her way into several lesbian beauties for your viewing pleasure. sinn and bianca stone are getting dressed up for a gender-bending party, but bianca is feeling self-conscious. they decide to skip the party and just enjoy what sinn is packing in her pants. sinn displays her incredible knack for connection and chemistry in two smoking hot gonzo scenes featuring Cadence Lux and Ariella Ferrera. and finally, when rizzo ford and sinn are tired of their roommate, mizz amanda marie, moping around about some loser boy, they show her how she doesn’t need a boy to get herself some cock! BUY STRAP ON SINNERS   And with that I will offer my upcoming models!



don’t worry, if this day gets filled up and you miss your chance, i’ll be working with her again in a couple of months!



always so happy to be shooting with Cherie. I produce customs for her as well now, and she’s so popular! I’ll be working with Cherie once every few months, but take advantage now because her days fill up quickly!



Riley is brand spanking new to Sinn Sage Studios! She is a seasoned performer however, with both brains and beauty. Be the one to get the very first sex scene between the two of us! Don’t miss this rare chance!



another fresh face for Sinn Sage Studios! Aiden & I have done 2 scenes together, and both were off the charts beautiful. She just has it, that chemistry with ladies and the love of performance. Take advantage of this special chance to get your own sexy custom video with Aiden! She’s going to be very busy this upcoming year!

Keep an eye on my Twitter for further updates regarding upcoming models, and go check out

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I’m always happy to be busy creating your custom fantasy videos, and i’m so excited about everything i’ll have coming out in the near future with my new collaboration with Trouble Films!

Thanks so much for sticking around, feel free to reach out to me anytime at sinn@sinn-sage.com,  and thank you as always for your support.

Much love and best wishes,