wow, it has been a while! and i know, i know. i promised to blog regularly here. yeah, well, i get busy! and boy oh boy have i been busy lately!

first day of AVN ’19

after a wonderful holiday season where we barely celebrated at all (which was actually QUITE nice!) , we got to work on finding a place to settle down for the next couple of years. we very quickly found a wonderful little 3 bedroom house to rent in Las Vegas, and moved in THE DAY BEFORE AVN started! so of course every single day i was getting ready in the morning then heading over to the convention, working at the con allllll day, shooting something or doing other work immediately after, then coming home and crashing to do it again the next day. talk about exhausting! i had to ignore my emails for the entire week because it was just too much. and poor Drake had to stay home and do all the unpacking! but we got the house in order now for the most part, and it’s starting to feel very homey. so you’ll see some new locations in our videos! and i’ll be able to get customs shot more quickly and just focus on work a lot, which was our main goal for settling for a while. we still LOVE THE VAN LIFE!!! and another goal of ours is saving up to do a rebuild on the van with some improvements so we can really enjoy living in it in the future more comfortably. so, we are settled here for now and looking forward to working with all the awesome new talent we will be accessing here in Vegas! (coming soon the the Available Models page!)

Below are some awesome pics i took while i was signing at the AVN convention. it’s always so fun for me, and get to see so many of my gorgeous friends!

Joanna Angel!
Georgia Jones!
Cherie DeVille!
Cadence Lux!
me dressed up for a party! lookin’ all hot goth

we do still have some items we need to purchase for the home, however, including some area rugs and a little dinette, at least one work desk and a vanity, some other little odds and ends that will really pull the place together for shooting. we do have to rebuild funds we used up in securing this house, and so i’m offering something special for those who would care to make a donation towards some of the items we need:
If you donate $100 USD, i will give you the 10 minute clip of your choice from either of my clip stores! sent to you directly via a download link.
if you donate $200-$300 i will give you the 20 min + clip of your choice
donate $400 and get 2 clips of your choice, any length
donate $500 or more and get your very own SOLO custom video, anything you choose! (within reason, people!)
and anyone who wishes to donate any more than that can discuss options with me personally! if you’re interested in helping out Sinn Sage Studios to thrive, PLEASE contact me ASAP and i will give you instructions on how to donate and we can discuss your reward!


I could not possibly BE more excited about this collaboration! i was honored and overwhelmed with joy when Courtney Trouble, Queer Indie porn revolutionary, asked little ol’ me to join their collective of content producers! i’ve wanted to create and release more of my personal passion projects lately, but had no outlet to do it besides my clip stores. (clip stores are great but they are very small scale compared to releasing films through a parent company!) i wanted a chance to get my passions and visions and representations of my own sexuality rainbow out into the world, and now with this incredible partnership, i’m able to! Strap On Sinners is my FIRST release through Trouble Films and, now officially, Sinn Sage Studios! i’m so thrilled at how it turned out, and if you are a fan of my strap on scenes, this compilation features some of my best.
now, if you already ARE a fan/customer of my clips stores,
you may have seen these scenes as clips up for sale, or perhaps even purchased and watched them already, so just be aware of that! read the description on the site, and if you decide to show your love & support and purchase the video, then you are amazing, my friend!
we also love feedback so of course, email me or say hi on Twitter and let me know what you think of the movie! lots more to cum. . .



this scene is actually a dream cum fuckin’ true! i adore performing with my husband, @DrakeManOWarXXX , but we honestly don’t get a whole lot of opportunities to do so. SO we had to make our own! and omfg DID WE!
i was honored, yet again, when Courtney brought up doing such a scene with me and Drake! i believe the last time we had shot together, (about a year and a half ago for the lesbian 3 way with me, Courtney and Chelsea poe) after the scene was over and we were having dinner together, we had mentioned that we’d be more than happy to create a scene with all three of us. at the time, i was really just throwing it out there, and wasn’t totally sure if Courtney would be into it, but it’s definitely always an option for us! well, i guess they thought about it enough, contemplated over the love that’s visible in our marriage and the love we share for other women, and made the FABULOUS decision to reach out to me and declare an interest in working with us as a couple! Drake and i were very stoked, and immediately began thinking up ideas. my mind went directly to my strap on, and i thought, wouldn’t it be just incredible if we could team up and both put our dicks in Courtney, AT THE SAME TIME?! i brought it up to them, and they were very enthusiastic about attempting it! i don’t want to give anything away, but i’ll just say we made it happen with flying colors. this scene allowed me to express my own sense of gender and sexual fluidity in a way i haven’t had the opportunity to present before.
there was so much passion, joy, affection, and fun in this scene, and it flowed so beautifully and naturally, that everyone who was in that room was absolutely HIGH off of it for the rest of the night! we were all just giddy. it was shot by Rae Threat *and* Chelsea Poe, so there were plenty of angles to make sure not one juicy moment was lost (and i do mean JUICY!). We are all so excited about this release, and once you see it, you will understand why. it’s being released TOMORROW, February 14, and you can order your own copy RIGHT NOW! i can’t wait for y’all to see this and to hear your thoughts on it!


BTS post-sex loveliness! this is my favorite pic from the entire shoot 🙂

Well, i’m sure there’s more i need to tell you about but for now i’m way behind on updating my stores and i need to get on that NOW. so, as stuff comes up i’ll try to be better about posting it here for you to enjoy! 😉 for now, this is enough about my upcoming projects that i’m just SO excited about, and i hope you’ll check them all out and show me the love & support that i need from y’all! you help me to survive and to thrive doing what i love, and i’m so blessed and grateful to all of you who purchase my work!
talk soon!


PS: oh i know, i know! thought of more things! i’m now able to offer SKYPE SHOWS on a more regular basis! so if you want to have a LIVE chat with me and some sexxxy live one-on-one fun (2-on-one fun is also available if you want to see me in a live sex show with Drake), don’t hesitate to email me here
AND please keep your eye on my Twitter
for updates on CAMMING which i will be doing SHOWS on CamSoda
and regularly (once i set a schedule for myself) on Streamate
so be sure to sign up for those sites so we can play together!